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Michael Thoreson - Artist bridging mediums

I love to make things.  As an artist in the 21st century, I use a variety of tool sets to create artworks for an audience that includes fine art, design, theater, music, and industry.  Paint (watercolors, oils, and gouache), Computer Animation Digital design, 3d printing, CNC machining and other digital media design tools I have been using over the span of my career.  I've occasionally included some computer techniques to help the development of some of my paintings.

Primarily working in watercolor, I have long enjoyed the challenges and conquests of this amazing medium. I have a belief that the best paintings are those that capture the artists experiences.  I share them via my images.  


My work is in public and private collections in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. I have exhibited in several galleries on the west coast of the US and won numerous awards both regionally and nationally. 

I have experience as a gallery director, industrial designer, exhibit designer, art director, illustrator, animator, and actor. 


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